from the executive editor
The industry is still not out of the woods yet! One of the medium-to-long-term solutions to ensure the...
Diversification Fuel and Ethanol
fuelling the future of the sugar industry
With the sugar industry in crisis, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as the plans to di...
Diversification and Climate Change
diversification will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Incorporating bioethanol into the country’s fuel ethanol mix will not only help revitalise the South A...
Pollution and Environment
humans stand up for environment
Volunteers from the private and public sectors converged at the South African Sugar Terminal for the 2...
Cry for Help
industry’s cry for help
The crisis-stricken sugar industry is in need of urgent interventions and there is also the need to un...
Tipping Point
financial tipping point for sugarcane growers in south africa
Numerous proverbs have been used to describe the South African sugar industry in the past few months a...
MGB Workshops
mill group boards brought up to speed on industry issues
The South African Sugar Association (SASA) held two successful Mill Group Board (MGB) workshops in Kwa...
Ratoon Management Funding
small-scale farmers benefit from multi-million rand ratoon management funding
The South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA) recently announced the start of the roll-out...
Farming Model
sugarcane project bears fruit
A sugarcane farming project on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal has been a resounding success.
The incursion of the longhorn beetle (Cacosceles newmannii) into sugarcane in the South African Sugar ...
Fertiliser Advisory Service
it costs you less with fas!
The FAS Agricultural Laboratory is an ISO 9001 accredited facility offering a dynamic analytical servi...
decoding the genetic basis of diabetes in africans
Seed funding from the South African Sugar Association (SASA) and other partners has led to a ground-br...
promoting awareness and treatment of diabetes
SASA partners with the Eastern Cape branch of Diabetes South Africa in a seminar to educate diabetes S...
Skills Development
from stc to russia with skills
Philile Jessica Mngadi, an STC student, won the World Skills South Africa Competition earlier this yea...
institutional development and governance
Shukela Training Centre (STC) now includes Institutional Development and Governance programmes in its ...
Skills Development
youth initiative takes off
The South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA) and the Department of Rural Development and ...
Tour Centre
a sweet tale of sugar resonates with visitors
The Tour Centre continues to make a notable impact on the lives of mainly school kids by educating the...
Selati Cup Final
selati cup final thriller goes down to the wire
This year’s pulsating Selati Cup Final, sponsored by RCL FOODS, ended in a heart-stopping penalty shoo...
World Market
world market summary
The front month contract, May 2019, has traded in an extremely tight range between 12.84 US c/lb and 1...
Weather Report
INDUSTRY Rainfall Summary – APRIL 2019
agent sneakpeeks
Snapshots of sugar industry people out and about